BAL-TEC High Pressure Freezing HPM 010

Eckstein Medical Research Building - Room 92B



Note: The CMRF is unable to locate a maintenance/service provider for this system. If you know of one please contact the CMRF.



Instrument Specifications

  • Highest quality freezing of tissue samples in thickness ranges of up to 0.2 mm without requiring freeze protective additives.
  • Array of specimen carriers available,i.e. for suspensions (capillary tubes),tissue extracted by fine needle biopsy and carriers for monolayer cell cultures.
  • In-situ real time measurement of temperature and pressure.
  • Fast 90 second process cycle allows expeditious application.
  • Automatic, microprocessor controlled operation for routine work.
  • Compact, sturdy unit with soundproof and vibration-free housing.
  • Simple and safe operation due to quick-locking action of specimen holder and clearly arranged operational controls.
  • Processing datas are recorded on digital display, such as the actual temperature, time and pressure,thus allowing the user to exactly evaluate current operational status (sample quality control).
  • Officially approved materials and high pressure components, as well as twice controlled sample holders with quick-lock action ensure highest level of safety for user.
  • Simple maintenance with removable cover plates and rack system for control units.
  • Extensive accessory program.
  • Large number of publications documenting high performance of HPM 010.
  • For samples intended for subsequent freeze drying and SEM or TEM investigations.