Bruker EDS System

Trowbridge Hall - Room B21H





The XFlash silicon drift detector (SDD) for energy dispersive spectrometry combines high countrates and LN free operation. With countrates up to 275,000 CPS, simultaneous EDS/WDS x-ray maps can be acquired more efficiently.XFlash Ultra Fast Element Mapping
At 20 kV / 50nA and 100 kps the image at the left was mapped for Al, Si, and O resulting in a 1024 by 768 image in 8 minutes.

Quantax Software

The Quantax software suite features a well organized user interface and can handle up to 8 WDS mapping signals, making this system the ideal EDS system for electron microprobes. Imaging and mapping are provided as standard equipment with each system.
Live internet demonstrations can be arranged or you can visit our laboratory for a personal demonstration.