Microscopy Techniques for Biomedical Research assignment syllabus Fall


                                                    A.  Notebook                                                   25%
                                                    B.  Presentation I (Technique/instrumentation)  20%
                                                    C.  Presentation II                                            20%
                                                    D.  Exam                                                          25%
                                                    E.  Quizzes and Assignments                               5%
                                                    F.  Wall Micrograph                                             5%

Prior to Admittance

   A. Preliminary Project Description Due

        Each student must submit a short project proposal prior to the onset of lab work. This    must be submitted electronically.

  B. Project Information Sheets Due

       Each student must be identified with an account number to track usage within the  CMRF. Some students may already have such an account.

September 4

Project Planning Paper Due
                   All aspects of your project need to be reviewed and planned.  You need to  determine where inconsistences can happen.  Variations in fixation time,   section  thickness all can affect the results. With your CMRF staff instructor, Preplan your  experiments.  You will write a short plan detailing the following procedures:

 Specimen collection
 Fixation and processing
 Sectioning
 Staining
 Image Collection
 Analysis

September 16

A. Stereology homework due.
B. Topics for Presentation I due and approved by instructor
Each student will present a topic outside the scope of this course.  The topic MUST be approved by the instructor by this date.


October 16   **********MIDTERM**************

A.  All equipment training should be completed

                              1. Additional training can be provided at student expense.
                              2. Microscopes should be used during off-hours going forward.

  B. Poster information due

                              If submitting a poster in leu of the notebook, you must have submitted the abstract and    faculty sponsor letter.

October 28

                              Presentation I:  Technique/instrumentation
                              Each student will give a 10-15 minute talk about current instrumentation and  techniques  that beyond the scope of this course

November 11


November 18

                              A. Informal Power Point Presentation of Project Results with Micrographs
                              Each student will prepare a Power Point presentation of their research containing the micrographs generated thus far.

December 9
                              A. Presentation II:  Research Presentations-Power Point
                              Each student will present a 10-minute PowerPoint talk describing students'    project results and presenting high quality micrographs.
                              B. Notebooks due in 76 EMRB by 5:00 PM
                              Notebook Criteria and Grading
                              Each student will submit a notebook consisting of a short "paper" describing work done on their project. 
                              The paper should contain an introduction stating project goals, a materials and methods section, and a results/discussion section
                              containing analysis and conclusions with supporting micrographs.  Notebooks must be presented electronically.
                              A minimum of ten different high quality micrographs will be presented in the notebook at the end of the course.

                                          1. All project micrographs are to be of high contrast, well-focused, free of knife marks and contamination. 

                                          Fluorescent images should not be over-saturated.  The images should support your conclusions.
                                          2. Each print must be accompanied by a sample description (legend).
                                          3. Each print must have a marker bar to indicate scale (i.e., 1 mm or 0.01 mm etc.).

                                C. Wall Micrograph Due
                                Each student will choose one micrograph for artistic content and mount it for display in the CMRF. 

                                                        • The image must be inserted into a template provided by the instructor.
                                                        • The micrograph should include a scale bar, a short legend and the names of the department, student and advisor.
                                                        • The image must be printed at high resolution and mounted on a black mounting board measuring 8 inches by 10 inches.
                                                        • The final image must be saved in .tif format and given to the instructor in electronic form. 

Laboratory Policy
In support of the University of Iowa’s mission, investigators using the resources of the Central Microscopy Research Facility (CMRF) agree to properly acknowledge the Office for the Vice President of Research (OVPR) and the CMRF when presenting or publishing any data generated