Microscopy Techniques for Biomedical Research Fall syllabus

  Microscopy for Biomedical Research
      Kathy Walters, Course Director
    Fall 2013
Mondays 1:30-3:30 pm 79 EMRB Laboratory-to be arranged

                                         Date                                 Lecture Topic   

                                                      August    27                                        Orientation & Project Design    
                                                      September 3                                        Chemical Processing of Biological Specimens    
                                                      September 10                                      Stereology-Unbiased Sampling   

                                                      September 17                                       Light Microscopy Optics 
                                                      September 24                                       Fluorescence, Confocal, Multi-photon Microscopy  

                                                      October  1                                            Transmission Electron Microscope  
                                                      October 8                                              Scanning Electron Microscope   

                                                       October 15                                            Staining and Special Techniques    
                                                       October 22                                            Immunocytochemistry Techniques        

                                                       October 29                                            Student Instrumentation presentations

                                                       November 5                                           Imaging Techniques

                                                       November 12                                         Exam
                                                       November 19                                         Informal Presentation of Project Results
                                                       November 26                                        Thanksgiving- no class
                                                       December 3                                            Work on Projects-no class
                                                       December 10                                          Student Research Presentations