Scanning Electron Microscopy & X-ray Microanalysis

ACB:4156, CBE:4156, EES:4156
Monday 4-6:45 PM

3 Semester Hours
Randy Nessler, Course Director

Course Overview

This course is designed to train participants in the application of various microscopy methods for their own research needs. As much training as possible will be done on samples provided by the students, so that meaningful results can be obtained quickly. The ultimate goal is to have everyone function independently and be able to decide when and when not to use a particular microscopy procedure. The student will be instructed on all aspects of the research project from sample preparation, imaging to data analysis. Theory, operation, and application of scanning electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and X-ray microanalysis will be presented.

Prerequisites: Established research project, a physical science course and consent of instructor. 

Lecture Notes