Thermo Nicolet Almega XR Raman

Eckstein Medical Research Building - Room 84C


Instrument Specifications

  • Dispersive Raman spectrometers utilize a form of vibrational spectroscopy to provide information regarding molecular structure.
  • Raman spectra are used for identification and quantification of both organic and inorganic materials and are very sensitive to minor changes in molecular structure.
  • The Nicolet Almega XR system has many applications in the pharmaceutical, forensic, and semiconductor fields, and features specialized sampling options for many applications in these areas.
  • The system can be configured for both micro and macro sampling of liquids and solids.
  • No sample preparation nor dilution is necessary.
  • Sampling is nondestructive and can often be performed directly through glass or plastic packaging, providing an excellent solution when non-invasive sampling is required.
  • Aqueous-based solutions are readily analyzed with the Nicolet Almega XR spectrometer.
  • Instrument features
    • Brightfield and Darkfield illumination
    • Laser options: 785 nm, 532 nm
    • Grating options: High and low resolution for each wavelength
    • Fully automated optical alignment
    • Standard and Long working distance objectives: 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
    • Motorized wafer stage handling wafers up to 300 m