Celebrating 40 Years of Supporting Iowa Investigator Research


At the University of Iowa's Central Microscopy Research Facilities, we provide a wide variety of microscopy techniques for materials and biomedical investigators, an experienced staff, 24/7 access, and support for the beginner and experienced investigator. As one of the leading university microscopy facilities in the nation, our microscopy team is ready to support your research program.

CMRF Staff are available  Monday through Friday 8am-5pm and will be happy to assist you! 

Congratulations to the Awardees of the Inaugural OVPRED/CMRF Seed Grant Program!

The CMRF looks forward to collaborating with all of you to achieve your research goals.

  • Christopher Barwacz
  • Blaise Boles
  • Ned Bowden
  • Robert Cornell
  • David Cwiertny and Katherine Peter
  • Tonya Peeples and Michael Delcau
  • Daniel Eberl
  • Edward Gillian
  • Nathan Holton
  • Israt Jahan
  • Mei-ling Joiner
  • Al Klingelhutz
  • Linda McCarter
  • Randall McEntaffer and Jacob McCoy
  • Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Craig Holder
  • Robert Piper
  • Michelle Scherer and Drew Latta
  • Erica Teixeira
  • Michael Schultz and Somya Kapoor
  • Charles Stanier
  • Elizabeth Stone
  • Harald Stauss
  • Tina Tootle
  • FatimaToor

Eckstein Medical Research Building