CMRF Lab Policies


Welcome to the University of Iowa Central Microscopy Research Facility! We are happy that you have decided to utilize us for your microscopy research.


We like to get to know our investigators a little before they start their work on the instrumentation to ensure the best methodology is used for the project. Please help us out by first completing the Project Information Form. You can validate your MFK using the accounting services MFK Validation Tool. 

Project Information Form                            MFK Validation Tool


Facility users should familiarize themselves with the location of the facility's safety equipment.  All Investigators should complete the Lab Chemical Safety training course W008CM. Confocal users should take the Laser Safety training course W028RD. Both of these courses are available in ICON through My Training at the UIowa HR Employee Self Service site:

Please speak to a member of the facility staff if you require further clarification, or have any safety concerns.


Acknowledgment and Co-Authorship

Co-authorship on publications for CMRF staff is appropriate when they have provided one or more of the following:

  • Significant intellectual contribution to the design of the published experiments;
  • Substantial practical contribution to the generation, analysis and/or interpretation of experimental data;
  • Indispensable technical support that contributed intellectually or scientifically to the advancement of the work.

CMRF staff that have made an intellectual or technical contribution not justifying authorship as defined above should be given an appropriate acknowledgement in any resulting publications. This will enable us to demonstrate our involvement in the research of a large number of laboratories, aiding the procurement of future equipment.

In publications, the CMRF might be acknowledged as follows:

The authors would like to acknowledge use of the University of Iowa Central Microscopy Research Facility, a core resource supported by the University of Iowa Vice President for Research, and the Carver College of Medicine.

Additionally, please review our recognition policy for instrumentation and their respective grants.


Access to the Facility

You must receive official training from a CMRF staff member for each piece of equipment before you will be allowed access to the equipment and the scheduling website. Official training can be arranged through facility staff.  You must not let others use your access credentials.

Training is most commonly done on a one-on-one basis with a CMRF staff member. If you would like to make an appointment with staff for training, please give us a call at (319) 335-8143, or email Randy Nessler.

Facility Hours

The facility is staffed 8am-5pm Monday through Friday (with the exception of University Holidays). Permission to work outside these hours is at the discretion of facility staff. CMRF staff will supply keys and activate Marlock access for qualified individuals.

Bringing Samples into the Facility

Samples brought into the facility must be free of viable pathogenic agents, and preferably be aldehyde fixed. If you have questions on sample preparation, please contact Randy Nessler.

Restrictions on Instrument Scheduling

Some instruments have limits on the amount of time that can be reserved. If you need to exceed these limits, please contact CMRF staff.

Note:  As a courtesy to other investigators, please reserve equipment for only the time you will actually use.  If you are unable to use your scheduled time you must remove your reservation or contact the CMRF. This will ensure that all investigators have fair and timely access to our instrumentation.   Violations of this policy may result in charges being billed for no-shows and revocation of access to the scheduling software.

Data Policies

Users are responsible for their own data files. Data storage on CMRF computers is discouraged. We recommend using your network drives or a portable hard drive to transfer data. The facility accepts no responsibility for data loss.

Internet Usage

Standard University of Iowa internet policies apply. Users are responsible for their passwords and any misuse that occurs through their account. Do not download files to CMRF computers. Facility staff and HCIS must be notified immediately if you suspect that you have inadvertently infected facility computers.


For current rates contact facility Director Randy Nessler