Online Scheduling

The CMRF has begun the transition to Calpendo, an integrated scheduling and financial application that makes reservations and tracks instrument usage. At this time the CMRF staff will continue to coordinate reservations.


Billing is based on the reservation time or instrument usage time, whichever is longer with a minimum reservation time of 30 minutes. 


All current CMRF investigators must create an account by going to, clicking on the "Register new User" button then the "HawkID login" button. You must fill out every field in your User Profile. After your user account is approved you must also create a Project. To do that, login and click on "Projects" then "Create Project." Again, all fields must be filled in. Once they are both complete your CMRF staff contact will help you add additional information and approve access to CMRF resource scheduling once that becomes available.

At a time yet to be determined CMRF resources that are controlled by computers will require investigators to login via Calpendo to schedule a reservation. Charges will be based on reservation time or instrument usage time, whichever is longer. Resources not connected to a computer will be billed based on reservation time.


Online Scheduler