Online Scheduling

To view our resource schedules and schedule an appointment for use of our electron microscopes, light and confocal microscopes, sample preparation, and/or scanning probe microscopes, please click on the link below. If you have any questions please call us at (319) 335-8142.

Note:  As a courtesy to other investigators, please reserve equipment for only the time you will actually use.  If you are unable to use your scheduled time you must remove your reservation or contact the CMRF. This will ensure that all investigators have fair and timely access to our instrumentation.   Violations of this policy may result in charges being billed for no-shows and revocation of access to the scheduling software.

Online Scheduler


Please Note: The CMRF scheduler is only available to University of Iowa faculty and staff, and can be accessed from computers on the University of Iowa network. The scheduler can be accessed from off campus via: