Online Scheduling

On October 1 the CMRF will begin a transition to Calpendo, an integrated scheduling and financial application that tracks reservations and instrument usage. The CMRF staff will continue to coordinate reservations through October.

Beginning November 1st CMRF resources that are controlled by computers will require investigators to login via UI credentials to schedule a reservation. Depending upon the instrument, computer logins will be through the usual HawkID, or via a Calpendo app, which will also require HawkID credentials. Charges will be based on reservation time or instrument usage time, whichever is longer. Resources not connected to a computer will be billed based on reservation time.

All current CMRF investigators must log in to using the “Iowa SSO” button before November 1st. Your CMRF staff contact will help you add additional information and approve access to CMRF resource scheduling.


Online Scheduler