Hitachi S-4800

Eckstein Medical Research Building - Room 80



Instrument Specifications

  • This state-of-the-art field emission SEM includes advanced detection technology with a high resolution.A guaranteed resolution of 2.0 nm at 1kV for low voltage applications.
  • An objective lens design with "Super ExB Filter" technology. The Super ExB Filter collects and separates the various components of pure SE, compositional SE and BSE electron signals.
  • A specimen stage for large sample applications with 110mm x 110mm stage movement and computer controlled 5 axes motorization with graphical interface software.
  • 1.4nm Resolution at 1kV with Beam Deceleration Technology
  • 1.0nm Resolution at 15 kV
  • New Super ExB Filter Technology
  • 200mm Specimen Diameter
  • 5 Axis Motorized Eucentric Stage
  • Advanced Dry Vacuum System