Leica DM750

Eckstein Medical Research Building - Room 93




Instrument Specifications

  • The Leica DM750 is designed specifically for the versatile needs of advanced Life Science courses
  • Versatile possibilities
    • Standard condenser for magnifications 4× – 100×
    • Phase turret condenser for bright field and phase contrast
    • Flip top condenser for low magnifications
    • Available with a 4 position nosepiece
  • Wear resistant
    • Special stage finish offers additional protection from friction damage
  • Energy saving
    • Patented time delay shutoff saves energy by automatically turning off the iilluminations after 2 hours of no use
  • A+ focus, contrast & illumination
    • Weighted focus knobs provide inertia and extremely accurate focus capability
    • Koehler field diaphragm available as an option for optimum illumination and contrast
  • Shared viewing made easy
    • Variety of viewing tubes provide free rotation while securely fixed to the stand
    • Standard viewing tubes with eyepiece locking screws to prevent loss of eyepieces