Leica LMD 7000

Eckstein Medical Research Building - Room 87



Instrument Description

Laser Microdissection (LMD) makes it possible to obtain homogeneous, ultra-pure samples from heterogeneous starting material. The researcher can selectively, routinely and quickly collect regions of interest. All kinds of tissues or cells, even living cells from cell culture can be isolated to obtain results that are relevant, reproducible, and specific.

Cells or tissues are placed on special slides. A curser or pen is traced along the area of interest on the viewing screen. At the touch of a button the UV laser is directed to cut the sample to cut along the selected path. Specimen collection is done by gravity, contact-free and contamination-free. The substage holds up to 8 individual receptacles.

The microscope is equipped with a fluorescent lamp and filters for dissecting fluorescently stained areas.

Instrument Specifications

  •  Laser
    • Maximum pulse energy:
      • 120 µJ
    • Pulse frequency:
      • 10-5000 Hz
    • Wavelength:
      • 349 nm
    • Laser aperture control
  • Fluorescent Filters
    • DAPI:
      • Excitation:
        • BP 420/30
      • Dichroic:
        • 415
      • Emission:
        • BP 465/20
    • FITC:
      • Excitation:
        • BP 495/15
      • Dichroic:
        • 510
      • Emission:
      • BP 640/40
  • Objective Lenses
    • 1.25x
    • 10x
    • 20x
    • 40x
    • 63x