Olympus BX-51

Eckstein Medical Research Building - Room 70



Instrument Specifications

  • Frame
    • Optical system
      • UIS2 optical system
    • Focus
      • Vertical stage movement: 25mm stage stroke with coarse adjustment limit stop
      • Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knobs
      • Stage mounting position variable
      • High-sensitivity fine focusing knob (adjustment gradations: 1 micron)
    • Illuminator
      • Built-in Koehler illumination for transmitted light
      • 12V100W halogen bulb (pre-centered)
      • Light preset switch
      • Light intensity LED indicator
      • Built-in filters (LBD-IF, ND6, ND25 optional)
      • Fluorescence filters (UV, FITC, TRITC, Cy5)
  • Revolving Nosepiece
    • Interchangeable reversed quintuple/sextuple/septuple nosepiece
  • Observation
    • Super Widefield (F.N. 26.5)
      • Super widefield trinocular, inclined 24°
  • Stage
    • Ceramic-coated coaxial stage with left or right hand low drive control; with rotating mechanism and torque adjustment mechanism, optional rubber grips available (non-stick grooved coaxial, plain, rotatable stages are also available)
  • Condenser
    • Universal (N.A. 1.4/0.9), 2x-100x (swing-out: 2x-4x, with oil top lens: 20x-100x)