Olympus IX-81

Eckstein Medical Research Building - Room 3



Instrument Specifications

  • The IX81 is Olympus' most advanced motorized microscope, providing high standards of observation, measurement and functional operation.
  • The Olympus IX-81 is a custom built inverted microscope designed for long-term imaging of living cells and tissues.
  • The system is fully motorized and incorporates an environmental chamber that maintains ideal temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.
  • Imaging modes include epi-fluorescence (UV, Fitc, Rite, Cy5), brightfield, multi-channel time-lapse acquisition.
  • Available lenses include 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x dry, and 60x and 100x oil.
  • A perfusion system is available as is separate CO2 incubator.
    • UIS2 Optics are designed to maximize S/N ratio and optical performance for live cell fluorescence imaging.
    • Two-tier multi-port design ensures input/output flexibility.
    • Improved S/N ratio enables efficient detection of even weak fluorescence.
  • Second filter turret is now available which contains filters for Cerulean (CFP), GFP, mKOrange, and mCherry fluorescent proteins. See staff for instruction on how to switch the turrets.