TEM Image Gallery

Adeno Associated Virus

Images by: Joseph Zabner and Tom Moninger

CAR Immuno

Image by: Joseph Zabner & Tom Moninger

Human Cilia and Basal Bodies

Image by: Michael Welsh & Tom Moninger

Cryoultrathin Section-Vero E6 Cells were Infected with rSARS-CoV-Δ6, p6-GFP

Labeled with 10nm Gold (6-GFP-1h-0037)

Ferruginous Body

Gap Junctions-Freeze Fracture Replica

Iron Oxide in Macrophage with Energy Dispersive Spectra

Leishmania Protease GP63 Immunogold Labeling in Human Macrophage

Microvilli-Freeze Fracture Replica

Microvilli-Thin Section

Nuclear Pores-Freeze Fractue Replica

Nuclear Pores-Thin Section

Negative Stained Virus

PMN Infected with F. Tulerensis

Virus Infected Fibroblast Cells

Image by: Jose Rodriguez & Tom Moninger

Perfluorocarbon-OsO4 Fixation for Bio-Films - Primary Airway Culture

Primary Human Airway Culture

Image by: Michael Welsh & Tom Moninger

Tight Junctions-Freeze Fracture Replica

Midbody Ejected from Cell after Mitosis


Binky the Bunny