Zeiss 980 AiryScan2

Room 88 EMRB


Key features of the system include:


  • 2 liquid-cooled MA-PMT detectors and 1 high-sensitivity 32-channel GaAsP array detector with full emission tunability
  • AiryScan 2 superresolution detector, enabling 120 nm resolution in XY, 350 nm in Z, works with all available lasers, and doubles as an additional GaAsP confocal detector
  • High-speed Z-piezo stage for fast volume imaging
  • Observer 7 inverted stand optimized for long-term live-cell imaging with automated scanning stage, full environmental control (temperature, CO2, humidity) and Definite Focus 2 focus-maintaining system
  • Argon and diode laser lines 405, 445, 488, 514, 561, 594 and 639 nm
  • ZEN 3.2 software package including modules for Z-stack, time-lapse, photobleaching/photoactivation, spectral unmixing, automated image analysis, FRET, colocalization, autofocus, 3D rendering, tiles and ratiometric tools
  • Transmitted light detector
  • Full set of objectives includes 10x/0.3, 20x/0.8, 40x/1.2 water, 40x/1.3 oil, 63x/1.4 oil


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