MicroBrightField Stereology System

Eckstein Medical Research Building Room 84C


MBF Stereology

Provides accurate, unbiased Stereological estimates of the number, length, area and volume of cells or biological structures in a tissue

Instrument Specifications

  • Objective lenses
    • 1.5x
    • 5x/0.15
    • 10x/0.30
    • 20x/0.50
    • 40x/0.60 OIL
  • Illumination Modes
    • Transmitted light
    • Fluorescence capabilities
      • DAPI
      • FITC
      • Texas Red
  • Other Features
    • Motorized condenser
    • Automatic Koehler illumination
    • Motorized stage
    • Z-encoder
  • Software for Stereology
  • Microbrightfield Stereo Investigator
    • Designed based stereology
    • Image analysis
    • 2D anatomical mapping
    • Import image data from other  light microscopes(bright field, fluorescence, confocal, slide scanner) or electron microscopes
    • Collect data directly from slides
  • Stereology methodology
    • Cavaleri method for volume measurements
    • Optical fractionator for counting
    • Space Balls for 3-D length measurement
  • Biolucida Cloud for working with large data and sharing of files remotely
    • Allows remote viewing and/or access  of 2-D or 3-D virtual tissue image montages
    • File support includes Jpeg2000 (.jp2, .jpf .jpx), Aperio (.svs), Nanozoomer (.ndpi, .vms, .vmu) Tiff (.tif). (Fluoview (tif), Leica and Zeiss (.lsm)
    • Screen image export in .tif, .jpg or .png file formats