Zeiss Observer.Z1

Eckstein Medical Research Building - Room  84C


Instrument Specifications


The Zeiss AX 10 Observer. Z1 is a fully motorized inverted widefield microscope. Features include:

  • Axiocam 503 Mono and Axiocam 305 Color Cameras controlled by ZEN Blue
  • Brightfield, DIC
  • Fluorescence filters for: DAPI, GFP, RFP, Cy5, DIC.
  • Temperature controlled stage, CO2
  • Objective lenses:
    • 5X/0.16 EC Plan NeoFluar
    • 10X/0.30 Plan NeoFluar
    • 20X/0.5 Plan NeoFluar
    • 40X/0.6 Oil Plan NeoFluar
    • 63X/1.40 Oil Plan ApoChromat
    • 100 X/1.30 Oil Plan NeoFluar